Keyword Mapping Bogus of Useful?

I’ve never ever used keyword mapping of a site before.  I have always found to be a sure way to become a spammer.  I believe that the content should speak for itself, you build the content for the audience and the spiders will index it appropriately if the page is optimized well.

During a recent site redesign I voiced my concerns over the fact that the site was going to have a lot of SEO difficulty due to lack of text.  I’ve run analytics on the new site and found that we have a problem I’ve never had before…Keyword density is TOO high!  Reason, there isn’t enough text on the site and the major keywords are used a great deal in what little is actually there.

It is totally normal for SEO to fluctuate right after a site redesign.  When you redesign your site the spiders look it over and re-evaluate and you basically need to watch for about 6 weeks for the actual changes to occur.   The fact that in the redesign we changed strategy from having only one product to having two and are now trying to optimize to both is another matter.  Those new pages of content take time to become indexed and to make their way into the SERPs.

I keep harping on them that Content is needed.  More content…they build more multimedia, webcasts, videos, FLASH etc….  We need text, we need information that will be useful to the user and get the search engines indexing those pages for the key terms we want.

I’ve always been careful not build a site around ‘keywords’ but around the needs of the audience.  So I have Audited the site and put together a list of pages I think we really need to expand the content on and other pages I think should be built.  Next is to look over information we have from current users and see what else we can build.

And so coincidentally I see in my facebook a post from Rob Curley, an Audience development God… reminding me of the 5 P’s that Drive Traffic!

Rob Curleys 5 Ps to Drive Traffic
Rob Curley's 5 P's to Drive Traffic

When all else fails…check with your social network 🙂

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