SEO and Marketing Strategy

An interesting conversation came up on twitter today concerning SEO in an overall site marketing strategy and I don’t believe that I was able to communicate my thoughts in the short medium of 140 characters that twitter gives me.  So I wanted to expand upon it here.

I’ve been doing SEO for 7 going on 8 years now.  I’ve seen it evolve from doorway pages and redirects, keyword stuffing, and whited out content, to inbound linking and off page optimization.  The works.  The one thing that doesn’t change is ‘Content’  Content is king, after all that’s what the search engines and the online audience is looking for.  So if you have the content they want in a form that is readable for the audience and the search engines can scan it you’re there.   Yes there are many tweaks and things that can be done to a site to better optimize it.  But in the long run they pale in comparison to having content the audience wants to find and will actuall consume and that along with your site design will lead your audience to the overall conversion point you want them to get to.

You see SEO, PPC advertising, Social Media, email marketing, inbound marketing these are all tools we need to be balanced in order to get the best results.  For me those results are to get the audience to that content, to that funnel that will eventual cause them to convert in some way, either to be an impression on an ad, a lead for a product or service, or to buy.  Without that content for the audience to trigger on and instigate the reaction you want nothing is going to be successful.

Sites that succeed are built around their conversion need and the programs and tools used to market them to the audience need to bring them to the content and eventually the conversion point.

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I am a results-driven Digital Marketing Manager with experience working in a corporate and agency setting. Particular expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (PPC & CPC), social media, content marketing, and ABM. I have a proven track record of meeting & exceeding conversion goals with ten years of working in remote collaborative teams.

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