My Job Search & Social Networking

Last Thursday my company had to let me go.  It seems finances didn’t work out as well as expected for the next round of venture capital for the company, last one in, first one out.

My first move after leaving work was to make contact with some of my former collegues.  Before I even got home I had a phone interview lined up for Monday morning. 

I’ve taken steps  to utilize my network and use the many tips that have been published of late concerning how to use your social network to help you find a job.  

I updated my LinkedIn account, posted on twitter, facebook, Livejournal, and all of my email groups that I was now looking for a job and in what field etc.  I made contact with old collegues and friends who consult and contract in my field or would have contacts who would need my particular services.

I have updated my resume, loaded it to all sorts of job search sites and sent a couple of dozen resumes to various positions of interest.  I’ve also begun utilizing sites like twithire to find positions and looking through my twitter list’s companies to see if any of their companies have positions etc. 

So what next?  I’m going to redesign my consulting web site and keep up to date on everything that is going on in my field, read books and journals I haven’t had time to read due to work and keep plugging along.  I will keep updating this blog as I go.

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I am a results-driven Digital Marketing Manager with experience working in a corporate and agency setting. Particular expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (PPC & CPC), social media, content marketing, and ABM. I have a proven track record of meeting & exceeding conversion goals with ten years of working in remote collaborative teams.

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