Is Google Instant the End of SEO?

It seems each time Google comes out with a new improvement to searching the news and bloggers start writing about how it is the death of SEO; for instance  according to Steve Rubel, Google Instantmeans the end of SEO.

Meanwhile in reality with each improvement to Google’s search system SEO becomes even MORE important!  Google Instant is no different.  It benefits searchers by bringing up relevant sites for a term before the user finishes typing.  This to me just speaks ‘Challenge’ and I love it.  A challenge to make sure that when the first few letters of a keyword or parts of a key term are written that my site will come up in those results.

I can see challenges for both SEO and Paid search for Google in the future.  As sites try to improve their SERPs to do better in the new Google Instant world so will Paid Search advertising costs go up as site owners scramble to utilize Google Adwords for better placement during SEO development.  This will drive up costs and well Google will become the winner.

Published by chrystie69

I am a results-driven Digital Marketing Manager with experience working in a corporate and agency setting. Particular expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (PPC & CPC), social media, content marketing, and ABM. I have a proven track record of meeting & exceeding conversion goals with ten years of working in remote collaborative teams.

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