Top Web Analytics Apps

In this fast passed industry it is imperative to do a lot more while on the move.  That is no truer than in online marketing where web site analytics are vital to the lifeblood of online marketing.  Being able to access site analytics from any device at any time has spawned a variety of apps for both iPhone and Android markets.  Most are integrated with your Google Analytics account(s). Obviously some are better than others and although none are truly all encompassing apps a combination of them can cover most of your Analytics needs through most mobile devices.

  • Google Analytics – Is a Free Android app giving access to your Google Analytics profiles for real time statistics, customized dashboards and intelligence and reporting to your mobile device.
  • Analytics App – Is a Free application allowing instant, mobile access to Google Analytics for iPhone and iPod Touch users.  The Analytics App interface makes it easier to check and analyze site stats in your Google Analytics account.  This Analytics App gives you access to overview and detailed reports for deep analysis as well supporting multiple accounts, sites and logins.
  • mAnaltics – Is a Free handy Google Analytics app for Android users featuring easy to use login allowing you to view your website Google Analytics stats from any Android device.  Supporting multiple accounts and profiles to give access to Stats and charts and daily statistics.
  • Applidium Analytic – Is a Free iPhone app that allows you to monitor traffic to your various web sites through your Google Analytics Account(s).  Giving you access to summary information in graphis and charts form.  This give you a quick view of your site’s key performance indicators such as visitors, page views, bounce rate, etc.
  • Analytics Widget – Is a Free Android app available for online marketing professionals to track Google Analytics, Twitter and Facebook data.  Able to track key performance indicators through Google Analytics as well as aggregating Twitter and Facebook numbers.
  • GoAnalytics – Is a Free Android app for viewing Google Analytics stats on your mobile devices.  The client allows you to view your website Google Analytics stats across multiple accounts and profiles.
  • Desktop Web Analytics-Mobile – Is a Free Android app designed to visualize Piwik Analytics data on your mobile devices.  Able to support multiple accounts and create most reports available through Piwik.
  • I Spy Analytics – Is a Free Android app brings Google Analytics reports to your fingertips.  The tool tracks website metrics and real time information on the go.  The simple traditional reporting platform is easy to use with instant data on all your Key Performance metrics including Visitors, Traffic Sources, Goals, and Content.  The app makes it easier to access your statistics in a configurable dashboard across multiple accounts.
  • Analytix for Google Analytics – Is an Android app available for the modest price of $1.99, for visualizing Google Analytics Data in near real-time (hourly view).  Analytix visualizes Google Analytics data with graphics and charts allowing you to compare today’s results with yesterday or last week quickly and easily.
  • gAnalytics – Is a Free Android app that allows you to check your Google Analytics stats anywhere.  The gAnalytics app plugs into your Google Analytics account for easy access to your Google Analytics statistics and reporting.  Access to your Visitor, Content, Goals and Ecommerce data through your Android device for any set time period.
  • Analytics Agent Pro – is an applications that comes in a lite (Free) version as well as a modestly priced ($2.99) Pro version.  This app not only gives you the ability to check Google analytics but also your Adwords and Adsense data and tracks all your organic traffic.  Because Analytics Agent Pro is developed based on the Google Analytics’ API you are able to manage your Google Analytics from this app available for iPhone or iTouch use.
  • Analyics  – Is a Free iPhone app that supports multiple Google Analytics profiles with remote access that allows you to access your Google Analytics account anywhere, anytime.
  • Clicky Web Analytics – Is a Free iPhone app that allows you to monitor, analyze and report your web site’s traffic in real time.  The interface makes understanding your site’s traffic data simple.

This list could go on and on but these key apps seem to cover most website analytics and applications available across the widest variety of platforms.

Google Analytics has become the most valuable tool.  And with the availability of so many tools operating on multiple mobile operating systems it has become easier for to monitor and analyze website data for their websites anywhere any time day or night on the road or at home.  The changing face of the mobile is empowering online marketing professionals to work no matter where they are.

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