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For many SEO professionals mobile devices have become important tools allowing them to work anywhere anytime.  Mobile apps for SEO are empowering SEO professionals to utilize their mobile devices to gain insights into site SEO metrics from anywhere.  And with the ever changing SEO world it is more important than ever to utilize all the applications available to get the most out of your SEO time.

All about the Apps

There are a number of SEO applications out there that currently offer some form of SEO analysis and reporting.  Many desktop SEO applications have begun to create mobile app versions that either encompasses all or some of the desktop version’s capabilities.  Many of these apps are Free or their pro versions are at a very low cost to download while others require subscription to their desktop versions in order to operate.  Obviously some are better than others and although none are truly all encompassing a combination of some of these apps can cover most of your SEO reporting and analysis needs through most mobile devices.

  • SEO Automatic app – Is an app made for both iPhone and Android that generates reports on organic ranking factors for any web site.  Running web page reports analyzing on page and off page ranking factors such as site speed, meta data and inbound links as well as detailed recommendations for improvements.
  • SECockpit (Search Engine Cockpit) is a keyword research tool available for both Desktop and Mobile (only for the iPhone).  SECockpit generates keyword ideas and automatically gathers and combines keyword mining data with the competitive analysis necessary to make keyword research decisions easier.
  • Website SEO Analyser app – Is a SEO tool set available for free through iTunes for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  This SEO app automatically analyzes websites and creates a report with a breakdown of both on page and off page SEO factors such as site speed, meta data and inbound links.  The SEO diagnostic analysis generated creates a detailed list of recommendations for improvement of your website.
  • SEO Search Ranking – Is a SEO ranking app available through the iTunes app store for iPhone and iPad users.  The app allows you to easily monitor the position of your site’s search engine rankings (SERP) for specified keywords.  You can analyze rankings for an unlimited number of keywords for as many websites as you’d like.  Allowing you to quickly access your Search Ranking information anywhere anytime for quick and easy analysis necessary for optimization recommendations.
  • WebRank SEO – Is an Android app that offers a free SEO competitive analysis of websites.  The app reports back website ranking, sociometrics as well as on page and off page such as site speed, meta data and inbound links as well as other SEO variables to give you a holistic view of your site’s total SEO rankings and unlike many other ranking tools it analyzes ranking across Google, Bing and Yahoo instead of just Google.
  • SEO SERP Tracker – Is an Android app that tracks your site’s website rank in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  Running analysis of keywords and their resulting website rankings are returned in the tool in a report that will allow you to get first hand quick results for your site’s search results.
  • SEOStats – Is an app available through the iTunes store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.  The SEOStats app provides quick SEO audits of any website for SEO ranking factors for both on page and off page factors such as site speed, meta data and inbound link.
  • SpyderMate SEO Scorecard – Is a Free Android app created to allow you to score any domain based on SEO ranking factors based on Domain Authority, Domain Back links, Traffic Value, Keyword Rankings and Sociometrics.  The SpyderMate SEO scores websites’ performance giving you a snapshot of your site’s overall SEO stats and identifies competitive advantages and weaknesses.
  • SEO Manager – Is a Free keyword analysis app that gives real time keyword rankings.  Unlike other rank checkers this one works for not only Google but other search engines as well.  The application allows you to track your keywords graphs and reports.

This list could go on and on but these key apps seem to cover most SEO reporting and analysis needs across the widest variety of platforms.

With the myriad of SEO tools available across multiple mobile operating systems it has become easier for SEO professionals to monitor and analyze SEO data for their websites anywhere any time day or night on the road or at home.  The changing face of the mobile is empowering SEO professionals to work no matter where they are.

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