Social Media

Social Media Optimization Services 

I offer expert consulting services covering social media campaign strategy, and the optimum social media marketing tactics.  I will identify the client’s goals and objectives, research and analyze the target audiences and provide actionable recommendations for the planning and execution of a social media marketing campaign.

 Social Media Campaign Management and Support

Through our integrated campaign management services, I will manage and maintain the social media marketing efforts in coordination with traditional online marketing campaigns, such as search engine marketing, email marketing, and online display advertising, where we measure and analyze the results and then re-optimize to achieve maximum campaign ROI.

Ongoing management and support may include daily social network account and profile management across the various social media networks such as Facebook (Facebook Profile, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages), Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tiktok, blogger outreach, and continued participation in news media and bookmarking web sites in addition to the management of social media network advertising campaigns.

Campaign Monitoring

Monitoring and measuring the results of social media marketing campaigns are very different from Web site analytics tools that measure traffic and page views. Social media marketing analytics tools are concerned with tracking buzz and viral marketing and must measure the full potential and extend the tactics used in a social media marketing campaign. A sample of metrics that are most important when measuring social media marketing success includes: the amount of social bookmarks received, blog comment activities, new links attributed to a social media campaign, blogs and social media conversations and comments, visitor engagement, Facebook follows, and page views and YouTube video views.

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