Chrystie Terry | 978-618-9992 | Digital Marketing Professional  Results-driven Digital Marketing Manager with more than 20 years of experience in internet and search marketing. Expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (PPC and CPC), social media optimization, and content marketing. Proven record of accomplishment of meeting and exceeding conversion goals. Collaborative team player withContinue reading “Chrystie Terry”

Top Ten Social Media Apps

Managing all of your social media networks can be a chore.  Posting to just one social network on a regular basis can be a time consuming task let alone multiple posting to multiple social media sites.  And with the every growing number of social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Foursqure, Yelp etc.Continue reading “Top Ten Social Media Apps”

Top Six Instagram Apps for Businesses

Put Instagram to Work for Your Business Many brands already have hundreds and some even thousands of pictures of products, services, promotions and other concepts running through Instagram across social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.  Since Instagram photo sharing is so simple across Facebook and Twitter have been the most notable social networksContinue reading “Top Six Instagram Apps for Businesses”

PPC vs. SEO The Bigger Picture

Upon reading today’s White Board Friday on I had to respond with my own opinion on this sibling rivalry between these two forms of Search Marketing.  PPC and SEO should not be seen as such separate channels for search marketing programs but as symbiotic entities that need and feed each other in order toContinue reading “PPC vs. SEO The Bigger Picture”

Sleazy Marketers using Google Sponsored Ads

This is this kind of thing that gives search marketing a bad name – Sleazy Marketers Game Google’s Sponsored Ads – and turns my stomach. But this isn’t this really a Google Adwords issue? There are editorial guidelines in place to keep things like this from happening so why weren’t they being enforced? IfContinue reading “Sleazy Marketers using Google Sponsored Ads”

Landing Page Bloopers and Best Practices

I’ve harped on the issue in the past, PPC ads that go to landing pages that make no sense or are horrible for the user.  Ion Interactive had a webinar today entitled “Landing Page Bloopers and Best Practices” which illustrated this point very well.  The number of these mis-matched PPC ad to the landing pageContinue reading “Landing Page Bloopers and Best Practices”

PPC Advertising Needs to keep the User In mind

Why are retail PPC advertisers still sending clicks to their home page for specific terms? It is frustrating as a user to search for a product and find an ad that looks like it is exactly what I want and then when I click on the ad the page has nothing to do with what I searched on! As a PPC marketing manager I find it infuriating to see these retailers wasting their money and all those click thrus…