Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click Management – (PPC). . .

Pay Per Click Advertising Management: Using Your Advertising Dollars Wisely

Adwords Qualified IndividualAs your online competition increases, it becomes increasingly important to optimize your pay per click advertising management strategy. You need to make sure you are getting the maximum return on your investment, because pay per click (PPC) costs are rising.

If you are in a vertical industry that generates high search engine traffic, such as travel or Web hosting, you can expect higher pay per click advertising bid prices than other online verticals because there is more competition for the relevant keywords you’ll likely want to target. If you are in a more specialized industry with lower overall online interest, proper pay per click advertising management can bring you new potential customers for a more manageable cost.

 Our Pay Per Click Management Services Include:

  •   Pay per click marketing strategy consultation
  •   Keyword research, discovery, and development
  •   Ad copy creation
  •   Landing page and creative design that support pay per click advertising efforts  Customized PPC reporting
  •   Ad copy and landing page analytics


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